Privacy Policy

Know what all data Athix stores to provide you its best service!

Data Collection

Athix will collect certain data including user id, guild id and channel id. It will be collected to make sure that bot runs according to your needs and will never misuse or share your data. No data will be collected until and unless you run certain commands which requires to work differently for every guild or user. As the line above hints, The data is used for system and commands like tips, reviver, leveling, etc to work.

GChat Privacy Policy

Sensitive features like gchat require additional privacy. Athix will be logging each and every message sent in the gchat along with userid and guildid. Server invite for gchat servers can be generated by Athix mods too, if you own a private server and don't want Athix mods to create a server invite for your server then you can use the opt out command which can be found in help menu of gchat. If you own a private server whose name and id you don't wish to reveal then we recommend that you don't enable the gchat as because of security reasons we need to collect these Information. Every message in gchat is forwarded to other servers with a delay of 2 seconds to prevent api abuse and if any webhook is damaged or deleted then it'll automatically be removed from gchat database. Permissions needed to set gchat:-

  • Manage_Messages: Needed to pin the rules in the channel of gchat along with announcements for gchat which take place eventually.
  • Manage_Channel: Needed to enable cooldown in the gchat channel (Very important as getting way too many messages from a server can ratelimit it for some time).
  • Manage_Webhooks: Most important permission, needed to set the webhook for gchat interactions.

Control Over The Database

Indirectly you will have total control over your database, like disabling reviver will erase all your guild's reviver setup database.

Permisssions Needed By Athix

  • Kick/ban members: Needed for kick and ban command.
  • Manage messages: Needed for clear command, help command, purge command and connect4 game.
  • Embed links: Needed for almost every command's reply back message.
  • Read message history: Needed for functions like reviver.
  • Mention everyone and other roles: Needed when bot is commanded to ping a role in reviver function, qotd function and announce feature.
  • Use external emojies: Needed for poll2 command and for many response messages.
  • Manage Webhooks: Needed for global chat.
  • Manage Roles: Needed for leveling roles.
  • Use application commands: Needed for slash commands.
  • Add reaction/send messages/view channels: Most basic permissions, every bot will need it.