Athix Bot

Make your server active with the help of Athix, A bot which is specially designed for boosting server activity.

Special Features

Antox System

Decrease toxicity in your community with Antox, The Anti-Toxicity system designed for reducing toxicity in servers.

Custom Commands

Make use of one of the most flexible custom commands for your server ! Either embeded or non-embeded with a lot of addons without leaving discord for setting them up.

Global Chat

Have a global chat set in your server to talk to people from other servers being in your own server & keep your server alive.

Event Builders

Host events in your server with the help of athix! You can sit back & relax while athix carries it out!


Have a automated daily qotd system for your server members & keep your server active.

Banner Generator

Make a good looking banner for your channels, server, etc. Having the opportunity to choose between 7 fonts & give it your favourite color!

Auto Roling

Give special roles to the most active people of your server whenever they reach a particular level!

Chat Reviver

Smart chat reviver which detects if the chat is dead according to the time which can be placed by you & will drop a topic if chat is dead & can also ping a role if you want it to!

Tip System

A tip dropping system which drops tips set by the admins, can contain information about the server or announcement or anything which the staff wants to inform to the members while they are chatting!

Server currency

A custom server currency which can be gained by leveling up! Admins can increase & decrease these points too. It can also be named to make it look cooler!




Tons of unique & new Mini-Games to make sure that you are never bored!



Utility functions & systems to make your server professional & active including Twitter & youtube notifiers!



Some fun commands like truth, dare, topic, memes & many more to keep the chat active in your server!



Remastered moderation assistance, improved mod commands with new optional DMing system as a addon!



Keep a record of the activeness of the member with a unique addon of activeness points which can be used as a unique server currency, following a auto roling system!